Positive Impacts of Bottle Recycling to the Environment

If you ask any waste removal company, they will tell you that water bottles are general waste that they have to deal with every day. In fact, bottle waste is what is filling up the landfills, and there is no more space to dispose of other wastes. Now, unless we curb the behaviour of disposing of water bottles carelessly, the problem of water bottles will never come to an end.

Just come to think of it, every day people buy water bottles as they go to work or at their workstation. Where do they take the water bottles after drinking from it? Am sure you have seen some mannerless drivers throwing water bottles by the roadside as the cruise in their vehicles. Some people just drop their water bottles in parks and other public places. Finally, this bottles will end up in water bodies and landfills which is polluting our environment. So what is the answer to this problem of disposing of bottles carelessly?

The solution to dealing with bottles waste is bottle recycling Adelaide. Water and soda bottles are recyclable products and can be reused to make new products. This way, we will create more space in landfills for other wastes. There many benefits of bottle recycling as it will be explained in this article.

Resource Conservation

Recycling bottles help to conserve the natural resources, specifically oil, which is a nonrenewable natural resource available in limited supply. Research estimates that recycling one ton of plastic conserves up to 3.8 barrels of crude oil. It means that if we recycle all the bottles that we dump around, we will be saving a lot of resources that you can use in other ways.

Energy conservation

Creating new materials from recycled bottles uses less energy than using raw materials. Research has it that recycling one pound of polyethene terephthalate, (the plastic used in making water bottles), conserves approximately 12000 BTUs of heat energy. The recycling process uses two thirds less energy than traditional manufacturing, which significantly reduces the pressure on the power grid, which is based on burning the fossil fuel. It shows how bottle recycling conserves energy.

Decreased Pollution

Besides reducing greenhouse gas emissions, bottle recycling Adelaide also helps to decrease air and water pollution. Many landfill facilities in Adelaide will incinerate bottles to create space for more waste, which can emit pollutants or irritants into the air. The plastic resin that is used to make the water bottles also contain harmful chemicals that can seep into the soil or groundwater if they can break down in the landfill. However, when we do recycling, all these problems will be solved.