Importance of Preparing a Building Inspection Report

Buying a house is an important investment people make in their lives. It’s the same thing with selling a home – people would want to get the maximum returns on their investment. For this, conducting building inspections is essential.

But what is a building inspection?

Building inspection is a process where a building inspector is employed to determine the quality of a building and several other aspects before purchasing or selling a house. This individual ensures that you don’t fall prey to buying or selling a damaged building. Mostly these professionals are hired by the city council. But these days, several private companies that are not affiliated with the government are also providing such services.

These professionals can be of two types – they can either have specialisation in one aspect of inspection like plumbing, electrical and building or they can have expertise over multiple issues.

It’s a fact that many buyers and sellers don’t realise the importance of a building inspection because they have the false perception that their building is in optimum condition. These are the individual that regret the fact a few years down the line when small problems in the building start to creep up. It is the reason why home inspection services are the best option for you. Through inspection services, highly qualified professionals will inspect the foundation, steps, fireplace, roofs, basement, seepage, electrical capacity, air conditioning system, heating system, built-in appliances, garages, gutters, insulation and all the small nitty gritty of the building.

Problems that can arise during the Inspection

Whether you are purchasing a property or listing it for sale, preparing a building report is imperative. Some problem in your house that you didn’t even know existed can crop up in these reports. Some of the most common problems that might arise are:


It is probably one of the most common aspects which are exposed in these reports. From cracked slabs to water damage, there can be a lot of drainage deficiencies. In such cases, installing new down pipes and gutters can significantly reduce water damage.

Problems with plumbing

House plumbing should always be intricate. But more often than not, they can pose several issues. Faulty fixtures, old pipes, and waste lines are some of the many challenges that you can encounter. These problems can affect the sale or purchase of the property to a large extent.

Poor Ventilation

If the house is aggressively sealed off, the result is poor ventilation. Such a situation can lead to rotting, water damage and mould growth.


It’s a proven fact that a well-built roof can add several years to a home, but sometimes roofs can degrade over time. These undetected problems can cause leaks.

These are some of the several reasons why you should give emphasis on a building inspection. To ensure that the inspections go smoothly, you need to hire the right building inspectors. There are many building inspectors in the market, and not all of them are professional. For the best inspection services, visit Here you will find professional inspectors with the experience and skills to inspect every part of your property. With them, you can guarantee a professional inspection report that will help you make a wise decision.