Synthetic Grass Prices – What You Need to Know

The biggest determinant of artificial turf prices is the quantity or amount a homeowner need. The basis of selling synthetic grass is usually square foot. Installation, on the other hand, is where you are most likely to part with more of your cash. It is because installation is very labor-intensive making it costly. However, it is paramount that installation is done correctly to maximise on durability, realism, and usability.

If you are considering purchasing synthetic grass, it is necessary to note that the larger your yard is, the more expensive it will be. The cost can, however, be less if you opt to purchase it from synthetic grass wholesalers. Installation involves the first clearing of any existing vegetation or grass, distributing it, flattening the surface, installing and adhering the grass, and then placing and integrating the rubber and sand infill. There is a lot of labour involved in the whole process making it a significant investment due to the costs involved.

When it comes to selecting the type of synthetic grass you want, there are different types and brands available for you to choose.  You should consider the different type of materials, fibres, and lengths of blades.  Where you purchase it from is also of prime importance. In most cases, synthetic grass wholesalers offer the best prices in the market.  Polypropylene and nylon, or a mixture of both, are typically the materials used to make artificial grass. It is necessary that you carefully investigate products which you like and the type of services needed before making any purchase.

A majority of artificial grass manufacturing companies will indicate or provide a free consultation and quote for their services and products. Every landscape and home are different in its way thus products are variable, thus sometimes companies may become reluctant to disclose their prices in advance. However, some companies do include their installation prices per square foot.

For quality services and products, the price ranges at least $4 per square foot for your installed synthetic grass. It may appear costly however, when you consider other expenses that you will be avoiding such as lawnmowers, water, time spent maintaining the natural grass, fertiliser, lawn products and garden tools and supplies. If you are installing synthetic grass over a large area, you are likely to receive a volume discount from where you are purchasing it. People are increasingly appreciating the benefit of having artificial grass installed, and it has become ubiquitous in municipalities, schools, animal care facilities, indoor pain ball facilities and batting cage facilities.