What to Know about Palm Tree Pruning

People have different taste when it comes to palm trees. Some prefer to leave the dead leaves to fall off by themselves, and some prefer to prune them. Pruning has its benefit, but it’s not recommended to prune more than once per year. It is because the palm trees get their food from the green leaves.

Through photosynthesis that happens in the leaves, plants use nutrients, water, and sunlight to make food for the plants. Because of this, it is not wise to cut off the green leaves during pruning. You should only cut off the dead and dying leaves. Falling palms leaves can cause damage to nearby structures and are dangerous as they can land on people.

It is important to prune the dry palms leaves as they are hazardous. An unkempt palm tree can quickly catch fire because of the dry leaves. Palms leaves are prickly hence it’s good to prune and dispose of the dry leaves. It is advisable to hire a professional to prune your palms. The palms trees grow very tall, so you need someone who is skilled to avoid an accident and harming the palm. Pruning palms is also a source of income for those that do it professionally.

People prune their palms for different reasons. Some prune their palms so that they can get better produce (though some claim that this is just a misconception), some people prune them to make them look good and some prune them to keep their yards clean. Whatever reason people may have for pruning their palms, pruning helps the palms tree to grow better and healthy as dead leaves make for an excellent hiding place for pests that may be harmful to your palm. Pruning is also essential as it’s a means of removing the sick leaves before the disease, or the contamination spreads to the rest of the tree.

When it comes to palm tree pruning Darwin, it is recommended to use the right tools, because when you use the wrong devices, you are likely to hurt the tree, and this can expose it to harmful elements like bacterium and fungus. While climbing a palm, it’s advisable to use a ladder as they tend to grow tall it is not advisable to use climbing spikes as they can leave holes in the trunk.

It is recommended to wear gloves when pruning as they protect your hands from prickly palm leaves and anything that can hurt your hands.  Protective goggles are also advisable to protect your eyes from anything that may be falling from the leaves be it insects, tree shavings while pruning or even dust. However, if you’re afraid of heights, the best thing to do is hire palm tree pruning services and have your palm tree pruned professionally.

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